Update MySQL field on successful SELECT

I was looking for a possibility to update a field of a mysql row on a successful SELECT

Background: I have a mysql table that lists networks which should be denied by my postfix servers. Per row one network with a field active which contains a timestamp. So I wanted to update this field on successful SELECT, that way I could find records which are not used anymore for a longer time.

The only way I found is to create a PROCEDURE on the database, which first performs an UPDATE of the timestamp field and then do the SELECT for postfix. In my case the table is `postfix`.`blacklist-cidr`

mysql -uroot -psecret
delimiter //
CREATE PROCEDURE postfix.block (IN ip VARCHAR(15))  
 UPDATE `blacklist-cidr` SET `active` = NOW() WHERE INET_ATON(ip) BETWEEN network AND broadcast; 
 SELECT 'reject' FROM `blacklist-cidr` WHERE INET_ATON(ip) BETWEEN network AND broadcast;  
delimiter ;

After that postfix can execute this PROCEDURE the following way

hosts =
user = postfix
password = secret
dbname = postfix
query = CALL postfix.block('%s')
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